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Mudita Sports heralds BBC Bitesize football/language cross-over

Mudita Sports, developers of the Go and Learn (GOAL) app, has heralded the BBC’s use of Manchester City forward Sergio Agüero in its recently unveiled Bitesize programming.

Argentine Agüero has been lined up to help youngsters learn Spanish as part of the corporation’s home-school programming, using football as an engaging way of encouraging children to improve their modern foreign language skills.

The sport and language cross-over is at the heart of the GOAL App. Based on the proven Accelerated Learning Cycle, which in turn has been influenced by the work of Mudita Sports’ Director of Learning Alistair Smith, the App offers youngsters a unique form of teaching through their heroes.

The App has already been licenced by leading English football teams, including Agüero’s own Manchester City. GOAL will therefore inspire children of all ages to take up - or improve - their language skills. The app currently offers French, Spanish and English (for non-native speakers).

Each stage of the Accelerated Learning Cycle optimises engagement and learning. It has been used successfully in thousands of UK classrooms for the last twenty years, while it also sits at the heart of the England Football Association DNA.

Nuria Tarre, Chief Marketing Officer for Manchester City Football Group, said: “Last month, we launched our new Cityzens At Home website – a dedicated free, online resource allowing fans to remain close to the Club while we are apart during the COVID-19 outbreak. The ‘GO And Learn with Manchester City’ language app offers another exciting resource for us to connect with our global fanbase and we hope it provides a fun and educational way to accelerate learning in these challenging times.”

According to the British Council, there is a global English learning market of 1.8 billion. Couple this to a global football fan base of 4 billion, the Goal app is hitting two of the biggest markets globally as an education provider and early stage industry disruptor.

Grounded in educational theory, Go and Learn with Manchester City uses the ‘Accelerated Learning Cycle’ model developed by renowned educationalist Alistair Smith. Based on cognitive science, this has been successfully used by the English FA and other organisations over the past 20 years.

‘’Science shows us how to improve the chances of recall through structured practice, spaced rehearsals and short tests,” commented Alistair Smith, Director of Learning, Mudita Sports.

GO And Learn with Manchester City is free to download on the App Store and will be available on Android soon, with additional languages added over the coming months.

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